I have been a customer for more than 25 years now. Since De Meent, above Charlie. Wonderful hairdressing salon, large group of regular customers (meaning you have to make a reservation in time!). Always well-trained hairdressers. Wonderful atmosphere, good coffee. It says it all. Perhaps a bit more expensive than others, but this is not an average hairdressing salon.
Ben C. O. Grimm

Haar van boven

Witte de Withstraat 42bn
3012 BR Rotterdam
010 – 413 88 77

Would you like to make an appointment?
We prefer to make a personal appointment by telephone, as we wish to respond to your wish optimally, which is only possible by talking things over with you.

We like to introduce our team to you

Haar van Boven is a small, close team consisting of 4 hairdressers and 1 colour specialist. The team on the photo forms the basis of Haar van Boven and has been cooperating for more than 15 years now. Of course we regularly have new student hairdressers and sometimes people leave our team, but the core has been the same for many years now.
By making the customer feel at home and giving him/her sufficient attention, we have built up a clientele throughout the years. We deliver quality and most of all something to suit all tastes.
In order to continue delivering this quality, we follow the latest trends and make sure the entire team takes refresher courses.